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Why do we call our ministry KidzQuest?

We believe that our job as adults who shepherd children is to help them to see that God is with us in everything — our family lives, our school activities, as we play on the soccer team with our friends… God is present! And, a personal relationship with Him, through Jesus, is ours!!! But our challenge is to recognize how He guides, protects, and cares for us in every way. We want our children to understand that, because of Jesus’ love and sacrifice, we are able to call ourselves children of God—dearly loved, saved from our sin, and cared for by the One who made us.

Our Vision For Children’s Ministries

Children’s Ministries at NCC strive to create a fun and loving community where children are irresistibly drawn to know Christ, where empowered volunteers are using their God-given gifts to serve with great passion and delight, and where the church invests in the faith of the next generation.

Our Goals Are To…

…come alongside parents as they seek to make their homes the primary source for discipleship and spiritual nurture for their children.

…develop in children a Biblical understanding (worldview) of reality and give them tools to recognize it.

…present children with opportunities to commit to a relationship with Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

…foster relationships between children, parents, and teachers so that we experience authentic community whenever we gather in Jesus’ name.


Our vision is for families and homes to become the primary place of influence for faith development.

Our focus is not simply on creating quality programs for children and youth ministry, but rather to focus on the home as the center for discipleship.  NCC seeks to align all ministries for this purpose and to create environments where children, youth, and adults desire to grow together in Christ.

We recognize that Children’s Ministry has a strategic place in developing this “Home-Based Discipleship” model. We acknowledge that an effective way to reach many adults is through their children. We seek to make our children’s programs a place where they discover that the teachings of the Bible are relevant to our daily lives and decision-making. Our intended result is engaged children, whose enthusiasm for a growing faith will carry over into their homes.






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