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Sunday March 28th - April 4th


Your mission is to find the eggs placed in yards or windows. Each egg will have a symbol on it. These symbols will be used to decode a hidden messages.

(Spoiler alert: The messages are Bible verses.)

This year we have TWO ROUTES and THREE PUZZLES. You can complete one or both routes on your own, or partner with a friend and do them both to solve the big puzzle.


Q & A 


Q: How do I find the eggs?
A: Download a list of addresses below. Put them in your GPS and head off on a family adventure. (available starting March 28th)

Q: How do I decode the message?
A: Download a decoder sheet below, circle the symbols you find, cross out the ones you don’t find, then solve the code. (Available starting March 28th)

Q: Do I have to find all the eggs to solve the puzzle? 
A: No. Each route has its own puzzle, or you can do both routes to solve the big puzzle.


Find all the eggs and solve the big code, solve just one route, or find a few eggs just for fun.

Do it all in one day, or do it all week, it’s up to you!

Most of all, enjoy getting out of the house with your family, and have fun!


Did you have fun on your egg hunt adventure? Let's see if you cracked the secret code!

Click the button(s) below to see the puzzle solutions:

MetroWest Route
Newton Route
Combined Route

More FUn

Want some more (optional) fun?

Once you’ve solved the code, you can email it to us with the subject line “EGG HUNT,” and we’ll send you a certificate of completion. Please include the whole verse, and the name you want on the certificate. 


We want everyone to stay safe while participating in this fun Easter activity, so please follow CDC and Massachusetts state guidelines regarding social distancing as you hunt. Drive carefully, stay safe, and have fun!

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