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"Truly I tell you, whatever you did for the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me."  Matthew 15:40

what's cmj all about

Family Breakfast


healing homes

Creating a culture of care for foster children in our church; helping with wrap-around support for foster and adoptive families.

called 2 care

Organizing seasonal opportunities for bringing healing to those hurting in our community. 

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prepare 4 purpose

Equipping all to bring healing to our hurting worlds - school, neighborhood, work, family - through trainings and events.


do Justice

Conversations and listening to discern God's presence in the midst of difficulty, and what we might be called to do.



Healing Homes Ministry

Join us in supporting the foster families in our congregation!


Individuals and families to step into 1 of 4 specific roles to create a SupportONE wrap around team for foster families & other families with needs at NCC! The roles to support these families include:

LEAD - 1 per family | Administrative and/or shepherding gifts
HELPERS - 2 per family | Provide a meal, laundry support, do the lawn, 'doers'
CAREGIVERS - 2 or 3 per family | Babysitting, child transportation, respite, mentoring
ENCOURAGERS -1 per family | Ensure family feels 'seen' & loved in various creative ways


Can you see yourself stepping into one of these roles for a family?

If so, or even if you are unsure but are open to it, please be in touch with Hope & Jay Straughan to discuss as we are actively building these teams for our NCC families.

Not all are called to foster children, but everyone can do something to care for those who are!

What is God calling you to do?


Email us at Jonathan Reid, Executive Director of Fostering Hope led a session on this for NCC recently. If you missed it, email Jessica to access a video of the presentation!

Donate Items to Families


Purchase and deliver any of these supplies listed below to the front porch of the Straughan home - 24 Adams St., Newton, MA 02460. All will be given to foster and adoptive families in need.

  • Diapers, all sizes

  • Baby Wipes

  • Grocery gift cards - any denomination, any local store will help immensely (especially Stop & Shop, Shaw's, Trader Joe's, or Market Basket)

Please email Mary-Phillips Omotosho (mptoks [at], NCC's Church Coordinator for this effort, with any questions. And thank you for bringing God's healing to our hurting world!

Pray With Fostering Hope

We invite you to join the Fostering Hope Prayer Initiative. The vision is to pray for 5 minutes each weekday. Simply email to join and you'll receive a short email on weekday mornings with a specific foster/adoptive need to pray for.

Want to learn more?

Email Mary-Phillips Omotosho

(mptoks [at], NCC's church coordinator for this effort.


And thank you for bringing God's healing to our hurting world!

CMJ Make An Impact
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learn with us

We're always looking for ways to learn and grow together and as individuals. Learn more about our ministry and check out these interesting resources.

Curious to learn more about Fostering Hope, the work they do, and how they partner with our church? Watch this quick interview with our pastor Garrett Smith and Fostering Hope's founder and director, Jonathan Reid.

Are you interested learning about how the COVID19 pandemic is likely to impact the child welfare system? You may enjoy reading this article:  

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